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Why Our Bug Zappers?

Mosquitos, fleas and other insects are all common carriers of dangerous diseases. Insects can be vectors for salmonella, malaria, dengue fever and more. Mosquitoes, in particular, can carry diseases of such diseases. The best way to prevent acquiring dangerous diseases brought by mosquitoes is to avoid being bitten by them.

To help get rid of those maddening mosquitoes that love staying at the comfort of your homes, our bug zappers are indoor and outdoor devices that lure mosquitoes and kill them using low levels of electricity. This decreases the population of insects loitering in your house vicinity while at the same time minimizing the possibility of other pests invading your homes.

At Bug Zappers Australia, our goal is to provide our customers the satisfaction each of us are expecting for what we have paid for. For a more detailed specifications of our bug zappers, please check out here.

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“I often get insect bites and just imagine how itchy it annoying it feels! I can’t seem to focus on my daily activities because I keep on scratching my arms that are full of insect bites. It’s really uncomfortable to have it and apart from that, it just doesn’t look good to have ample amounts of red marks on my arms. Good thing, when my mother-in-law paid us a visit at home, she recommended this product and now, I have no problems with household pests. They’re now scared of going inside our house!”


Buy Bug Zappers Online in Australia

About Our Bug Zappers

With our wide choice selection of bug zappers made available for you to purchase online with fast and free shipping, you can now get your hands on them hassle-free. Worry no more about household pests all thanks to our bug zappers. Getting one for your house has a number of benefits:

Efficient and high-quality product;

Proven safe and effective as they are poison-free, so they don’t pose any health risk to humans and pets;

Lasts longer compared to insect sprays because they are reusable;

Portable and rechargeable so they can be used many times whether it’s indoor or the outdoors;

Designed to be used and cleaned easily as they have metallic grid that don’t get dirty easily; and

Guaranteed best price in the market!

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Here Are Some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Shipping and Delivery – How Long Will It Take to Receive My Item(s)?

We have warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney, so that we can ship our (product) to you as soon as possible no matter where you live in Australia. The vast majority of customers receive their items within five (5) business days. For more info check out Free Shipping Page.

What If I Need to Return My Item(s)?

If you decide you don’t want the item, you have up to 15 days to return it for a refund. You simply just cover the cost of postage back to us. You can read more about this on our Returns Page.

How Do I Contact You?

We have live chat on our site between 9am and 5pm Australian Time or you can send us an email or simply visit our Contact Page.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that our products will make you happy and that our customer service will be second to none. We also pride ourselves on being the largest supplier of these products in Australia. Any issues, please get in touch, either through our live chat, or the Contact Page and we will make sure we do what we can to make you a happy customer.

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What is A Bug Zapper?

A bug zapper is a device that attracts and kills flying insects by luring them with light. Bug zappers use ultraviolet light, neon or mercury lighting, which insects are drawn to.

Bug zappers are helpful tools that aid in eliminating household pests that can be possible carriers of dangerous diseases. It kills them by emitting the pheromone octenol, and carbon dioxide. If you are one of those who dislike the smell of pesticide, this product is best for you.

Bug zappers are of different types and kind, depending on the location and size of area you want to use them. The list includes but is not limited to the following: Ultraviolet Bug Zapper, Electric Handheld Bug Zapper, USB Bug Zapper, and 2X Solar Bug Zapper.

Features of Our Bug Zappers

The size, shape and auxiliary items attached to a bug zapper can vary depending on your need. You may want one that’s portable handheld type so you can bring it when camping and nature trekking, or a bigger stationary version that can cover a given area in your house. They also come in different power settings.

Ultraviolet Bug Zapper Insects are lured by the UV light and easily killed by the high voltage metal grids that this product has, keeping your home free of hazardous sprays.

Electric Handheld Bug Zapper. Handy and portable, the handheld racket helps eliminate household pests.

USB Bug Zapper. No radiation, non-toxic, safe to humans and pets. This can be powered using a USB cord attached to the power source.

2X Solar Bug Zapper. No electricity or wiring needed, uses 1 AA Ni-Cd rechargeable battery.

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Reasons Why You Should Use Our Bug Zappers

Household pests could really be too annoying most of the time. What you may not know is that, insects such as fleas, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other pests are possible carriers of numerous and dangerous diseases. Sounds scary and concerning, right?

Therefore, we offer a product that specifically eliminates household pests that may harm us at home.

Unlike pesticides and other insect sprays, bug zappers don’t pose any risk to your health. Insect sprays could be a threat to your health when inhaled for a long period of time. Aside from the fact that sprays can actually be harmful, it’s costly as they are consumable and don’t last long.

Bug zappers on the other hand, lasts longer, so it will actually save you a lot of money compared to buying lots of insect sprays.

How to Clean Your Bug Zapper

To clean a bug zapper, kindly refer to the instructions below:

Ultraviolet Bug Zapper. Remove the plastic tray under the item and empty it. The metallic grid is self-cleaning.

Electric Handheld Bug Zapper. Dislodge any debris stuck to surfaces with a toothbrush, a hair dryer or canned air.

USB Bug Zapper. Rotate the item to reveal the mosquito box that contains the dead bodies of mosquitoes. Empty the box.

2X Solar Bug Zapper. To clean, turn it off and use a cloth or rug to remove dust and dirt.

Keep in mind to read the proper care instructions along with the product before cleaning the product to prevent damage.

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of bug zappers differs according to the design and additional feature that suits your convenience. Purchasing one will surely guarantee you a pest-free dwelling place. The convenience that it gives is worth and the quality materials it is made with, is surely worth its price. And the best part is, you can have it at a guaranteed best price! So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours now!

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