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2X Solar Bug Zapper

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This 2X Solar Bug Zapper is a helpful tool that aid in eliminating household pests that can be possible carriers of dangerous diseases. It kills them by attracting and trapping the bugs/ insects. If you are one of those who dislike the smell of pesticide, this product is best for you!

Getting a bug zapper is a great way to protect you family from annoying pests and insects!

  • Solid hard plastic and stainless steel construction that can withstand years of rain, sun, and wind, making the product durable;
  • Convenient way to kill flies and bugs with no smell, no chemicals and no environmental pollution;
  • Solar power that can be recharged by solar panels under sun light, and has a feature of automatic charging during the day;
  • Dual function as an effective way to kill mosquitoes by attracting them through UV light, and by providing white LED light for your lawn, garden, path; and
  • Easy to use and install, and no wiring is necessary.

Condition — Brand New, High Quality
Material — Durable Weatherproof Materials ABS and Stainless Steel
Top Lantern — 14cm x 14cm x 12cm
Stand (in Height) — 29cm
Garden Light Colour — White
Protection Level — IP65
Pest Killer Light Colour — Purple

Package Includes: 2 x Solar Bug Zappers, 2 x Rechargeable Batteries


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